Posted: 5 October, 2016

A Woman Claims She's Found Banksy In Melbourne

Has Banksy left his mark on Melbourne?

Has Banksy left his mark on Melbourne? Some people think so.

A woman has claimed to have captured the famous graffiti artist working on a piece of art in Hozier lane targeting Pauline Hanson.

The Queensland senator is depicted under her trademark "please explain" phrase wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan "F--- off, we're fools” a spin off of her "F--- off, we're full" phrase.

The woman believe she captured the elusie street artist in action before he was fleeing on foot.

But others aren’t convinced. Redditor Sammy1406 explains:

“If that was Banksy, he for sure would not have turned round to push the camera. He would have straight up just left, no stopping and most likely would have people on the look out.

He's gone this long with out being caught, I'm sure he wouldn't be so careless to be doing this, especially a few days before his exhibition

I call fake”


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