Posted: 23 September, 2016 by Fox FM

Melbourne Is Getting A Food Truck For Dogs

Because it's not fair you can eat tacos on a milkcrate and your pup can't.

If this isn’t peak Melbourne, we don’t know what is: we’re getting a gourmet DOG FOOD truck.  

The Canine Wellness Kitchen is offering artisanal foodie treats just for dogs including cow hoof, shark cartilage, lamb lungs…basically just a whole lot of gross food that we’re sure your pup would love.

They also offer a “beer” which is a bone broth and apparently really good for your pooch. 

"The idea [behind the dog food truck] is, you come to the truck, buy yourself a meal and a beer and the dog can enjoy the same food as what you're eating." co-founder Katie Crandon told The Age 

There ya go. If you live in Melbs and feel like spoiling your dog rotten, it's launching at the Hank Marvin Markets in St Kilda at 9am on Saturday, September 24. 

Image: Youtube/ 2M Media

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