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We've got a brand new app!


- Intelligent streaming means that you always get the best quality when you listen.
- All the latest entertainment and music news, plus Fifi & Dave's pics and video.
- Get in touch with us directly from the app.
- Missed a show? No worries! Listen to the latest podcasts.
- See what song is playing, plus see songs we've played in the last hour.
- Listen in the background when using other functions.
- Use the built in alarm to wake up to your favourite station.
- View projected and actual data usage so you don't get any nasty surprises!

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Fox FM VIP App

Join us as a FoxFM VIP here, and then download the app to tell us what songs you love and which ones you hate!

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Mobile Streaming and App FAQS

1. Listening Live/Now Playing
a. You may experience a short delay before the live stream starts playing – no more than about 5 seconds. If you don’t hear anything after this time, make sure that you have selected play and your volume is turned up.

b. Streaming over a 3G or 4G networks will be dependent on your signal strength and your provider’s network. Streaming over a local Wi-Fi network will provide the best user experience.

c. Our live stream has been encoded using the AAC+ format. Not all handsets will support this format. Please check your handset manufacturer’s website for full details surrounding your multimedia/audio support.

d. iPhone users will need to download the relevant iPhone application to access the live stream from the Apple App Store. Click here to download now.

e. Android users will need to download the relevant application to access to the live stream from the Google Play store. Click here to download now.

f. Windows Phone and Blackberry users can still listen to the online stream using your phone's built-in web browser.  Simply click here to listen.

2. Data Charges
a. To help you manage your data charges we have outlined an estimated data usage from within the mobile app. Please keep note of your data usage so as to avoid exceeding your data plan.

b. If you are concerned about your data charges or need more information about your plan, contact your service provider: 
Telstra: 125 111
Optus: 1300 300 937
Vodafone: 1300 650 410 
Virgin Mobile: 1300 555 100

3. Now Playing Song Information
a. Use the refresh button to display the most up to date Now Playing song information.

b. To find a song that has previously played, use the option from within the app.

c. If you require further information on a song you may have heard, feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page, or tweet us.

3. Using the Alarm
a. To use the alarm function you must leave the application running, you may stop the stream playing and allow the app to go to sleep but you must not exit the application.