Posted: 17 October, 2016

Is There Any Chance Trump Can Become President?

It’s just three weeks until the people of the USA head to the polls.

While Trump’s campaign has been riddled with allegations of sexual assault, tax fraud and downright stupidity – is there still a chance we could actually utter the words “President Trump” in under a month’s time? 

According to experts – it's highly unlikely. 

Associate Professor in American Politics at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney Brendon O’Connor told  there was no way Trump could come back from any of this.

“This is different from everything else,” he said.

“This pattern of misogyny that Trump is now associated with will change voters’ behaviour.”

Ass Prof O’Connor said Clinton’s clear lead in the polls was “heading towards a landslide.”

“At this stage it’s looking like Clinton will get around 300 electoral votes,” he said, with just 270 needed to claim victory.

Here’s what the polls say: 

New York Times: 89% Dem

DK: 95% Dem

HuffPost: 92% Dem

Predict Wise: 91% Dem

Princeton: 98% Dem



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