Posted: 10 October, 2016 by AAP

Police Caution Melbourne Far-Right Vigilante Street Patrols

Police are warning a far-right vigilante group patrolling Melbourne streets.

Police are warning a far-right vigilante group patrolling Melbourne streets.


Soldiers of Odin Australia - an offshoot of a far-right Finnish group, says they hold nightly patrols in the CBD and outer suburbs including Werribee, Frankston and Ringwood.

Victoria Police on Monday said it was aware of the group but warned, "we do not recommend people confront offenders as this places you at risk of harm".

They wear black jackets emblazoned with a Norse war helmet and an Australian flag.

They appear to operate similarly to the Guardian Angels network, founded in New York city in the late 1970s, to patrol the subway system.

"Today our citizens are at fear when they leave there (sic) home, some don't even feel safe there," the group says on its Facebook page.

"We will not look away, we will not turn a blind eye."

The group say they are anti-Islam but are also against racism and Nazism, and don't support anti-semitic views.

The Facebook page also says they are also against "the fact it is okay to be" proud to be black, Asian, homosexual or transgender.

Soldiers of Odin has divisions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide and plans to open more in Tasmania, Perth, Cairns, Wagga Wagga and North Queensland.

Other groups took to the streets in Melbourne's west earlier this year after a spate of violent break-ins and carjackings but gave up their night-time patrols following pressure from police and local government.

The Police Association Victoria has been contacted for comment.

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