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What's The Difference Between Diet Coke And Coke Zero?

Or IS there a difference?

Diet Coke or Coke Zero? You’re either on one team or the other. But what’s the actual difference? And is there a difference?

Luckily the people over at Food Watch have done some detective work:

1. Since its launch in 1982, Diet Coke has been popular with people conscious of their weight, especially women. In 2005 Coca Cola Amatil launched a similar product, Coke Zero, but with more ‘masculine’ looking packaging to appeal to males. Coke Zero has even been nicknamed "Bloke Coke".

2. Although they both contain caffeine, the amount varies:

Regular Coke               9.7 mg/100ml

Diet Coke                     12.8 mg/100ml

Coke Zero                    9.6mg/100ml

Therefore, the amount of caffeine in Coke Zero is almost identical to that of Regular Coke and higher in Diet Coke. Most consumers would agree that Coke Zero tastes more like regular coke. This could be due to both having virtually the same amount of caffeine.

3. The food acids used are different. Regular Coke contains 338 (phosphoric acid), Diet Coke contains 338 and 330 (citric acid), whilst Coke Zero contains 338 and 331 (sodium citrate). Not much of a difference really but at least you know.

So there you have it! The taste difference isn’t in your head!

Image: Facebook: Diet Coke Australia 

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