Posted: 25 November, 2016 by @amydrewsnews

Dreamworld Slapped With Prohibition Notices After Safety Audit

Dreamworld bosses still have a few issues to fix at the theme park before they'll be able to reopen.

A thorough inspection by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland inspectors has cleared all 34 rides, saying there are no concerns relating to guest safety.

Ten notices have been issued though for improvements and procedures at both Dreamworld and WhiteWater World, along with three prohibition notices, which are issued if the inspector believes there is an "imminent danger".

The prohibition notices relate only to the Buzzsaw ride, they found some issues with "maintenance safety harness anchor points" and a "staff maintenance procedure error".

Dreamworld says it had addressed or is addressing all issues.

Today marks one month since the tragic deaths of four people on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

Here's the list in full from WHSQ:

Improvement notices are:

• Green Room Waterslide – the “Emergency Stop” button’s colour is faded and the label contains the manufacturer’s ride name not WhiteWater World’s name. WhiteWater World is installing new buttons and labelling.

• WhiteWater World is required to submit a Chemical Register to notify WHSQ of storage of hazardous chemicals. WhiteWater World is filing this notification.

• The Flowrider ride requires an updated chemical log book. Dreamworld is updating.

• Staff working on the Flowrider are required to use upgraded Personal Protective Equipment (respiratory masks) when adding pool chemicals and should be trained in how to use the new masks. Dreamworld has purchased new masks and staff training on mask handling, storage and use has commenced.

• A Flowrider plastic mat connection contained a sharp edge and was a potential scratch hazard. Dreamworld has repaired this.

• Dreamworld requires durable tags for all electrical equipment/tools (‘tag and test’ tags). Dreamworld is ‘tagging and testing’ all outstanding equipment.

• A maintenance staff member working on the Escape from Madagascar ride did not comply with ‘Work at Heights’ requirements. Dreamworld will undertake ‘Work at Heights’ training.

Prohibition notices are:

• WHSQ raised a concern with maintenance safety harness anchor points on the BuzzSaw. Dreamworld is undertaking independent certification to ensure the ride manufacturer’s anchor systems comply with Australian standards.

• WHSQ identified a staff maintenance procedure error relating to a maintenance safety chain on the BuzzSaw. Dreamworld has revised the maintenance procedure and re-training has commenced. A secondary system will also be installed.

• The BuzzSaw requires an additional inter-lock gate for the operator’s control booth to restrict operator access to the ride platform during ride operation. The new operator booth gate has been installed and will be subject to WHSQ approval.

“Safety is our paramount concern," said Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson.

"This additional review is a methodical process which we have repeatedly advised will not be rushed. We are unswervingly committed to go well beyond legislative requirements to ensure every one of our 24 rides and 10 water slides at Dreamworld and WhiteWater World exceed even the most stringent of safety measures."

“Dreamworld is Australia’s biggest theme park and we are layering three levels of engineering inspections on top of the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland audit."

“These expert safety and engineering teams are continuing to work through each section of Dreamworld and WhiteWater World and we are confident of being able to announce a reopening date for both parks very soon,” he said.

“Our hearts and thoughts remain firmly with the families and their loved ones involved in the tragic incident and we will continue to keep their representatives informed of our plans.”

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