Posted: 18 November, 2016 by @amydrewsnews

New Tool Brings Certainty For Couples Undergoing IVF

Pic: Getty Images 

A new tool is giving couples undergoing IVF treatment more certainty.

Experts say the "IVF online calculator" can predict a couple's success of conceiving a baby after their first treatment and over multiple cycles.

It's been developed by UK researchers, but the Fertility Society of Australia are also said to be working on one.

It takes into account factors like the woman's age, how many years she has been trying to conceive, whether she has an ovulation problem and whether there is a male fertility problem.

The tool is great news for Aussie couples, after the consumer watchdog revealed several Australian clinics were misleading couples about their chances, some having to go through as many as 30 rounds of treatment, with no success.

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