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The Jobs Australians Find Most Attractive In A Partner Have Been Revealed

Is your job on the list?

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Single Australians listen up! If you’ve been failing to find love it could be your job that is hurting your chances.

A survey conducted by dating app Coffee Meets Bagel asked single men and women what jobs are the most desirable in a potential partner. And the results are pretty interesting!

Women overwhelmingly made a very traditional choice: doctor. This was based on their “caring” attributes. It was followed by two other very traditional careers, finance and law. The results suggest that women are still subconsciously looking for a man with a high earning career - or maybe they've got McDreamy on their minds?

Men however seemed to look for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, choosing those who work for a startup as the most desirable job – followed by fashion, leaving us wondering whether they were thinking along the lines of gorgeous models when they made this choice!

Jobs Women Found Most Attractive

1. Doctor
2. Finance
3. Law
4. Startup
5. Marketing

Jobs Men Found Most Attractive

1. Startup
2. Fashion
3. Consulting
4. Marketing
5. Doctor 

But it’s the jobs that are considered the least attractive that are sure to get people talking.

Jobs Women Found Least Attractive

1. Engineer
2. Teacher
3. HR

Jobs Men Found Least Attractive

1. Teacher
2. Engineer
3. Government

Ouch! But remember, your job doesn’t define you!

Ladies, we imagine when you’re thinking of a doctor you’re imagining someone like Doctor Mike? He’s a second year medical resident from New York and looks like he belongs on Grey’s Anatomy

Just remember, the difference between a hard day and a productive day is only your outlook 👁 #hospital

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But remember, this man is also technically a doctor:

It's what's inside that counts!



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