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Avocado Lovers Aren’t Happy With Woolworths Right Now

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Australian avocado fans are upset that Woolworths has decided to replace locally grown avocados with New Zealand imports.


"Australian growers are very disappointed Woolworths has stopped sourcing locally grown avocados for most of its Queensland stores already, given the large volumes of Australian fruit that are currently available," John Tyas, Avocados Australia CEO told Fairfax.

Australian avocado growers are able to produce avocados all year round, but in spring and summer the local supply is boosted with New Zealand imports. But this year growers are upset that Woolworths has brought imported fruit into Queensland stores one month early.

"Our real issue is they have just switched over too early to New Zealand fruit, which could potentially lead to a collapse in September. When there is a glut of fruit, it might be cheaper for consumers, but they can end up with poorer quality fruit," Mr Tyas said.

Avocado growers are worried that they could be left with a situation similar to the 2011 oversupply that left large quantities of avocados unsold.

"We just don't know the possible impact at the moment. Hopefully if the supermarket chains plan their sourcing schedules better from here we can manage it without a market crash like we had four years ago."

A spokesperson for Woolworths said that high-quality avocado numbers were down this year by 40 per cent, which resulted in an increase in New Zealand imports.

"This is the case in Queensland at the moment. We do this at times when pressure is particularly high on domestic supply and to ensure we always have sufficient stock," he said.

All other states are currently stocking Australian grown avocados, while 18 Queensland stores will still carry local avos. 

Tags: avocado

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