Posted: 19 September, 2016 by Newsroom

Melbourne Home Intruder Gave Woman Hickeys While She Slept Next To Her Husband

This story gets weirder and weirder.

A drunk home invader climbed into a sleeping couple’s bed and gave the woman hickeys while she slept.

A Melbourne court has heard Lang Kouth allegedly broke into a sleeping couple’s Melbourne home in July this year – the Herald Sun reports.

“The accused began kissing and biting (the woman) on the lips, neck and face quite aggressively, he was also rubbing himself up against (the woman) in a sexual way,” Senior Constable Luke Smith told the Melbourne magistrates court.

“(The woman) then reached behind and felt the accused’s hair, realising that the person kissing, biting and rubbing her was not her partner ... she opened her eyes and screamed in horror. The victim was terrified and felt sick that someone was in her room, in her bed touching her.”

The couple’s 17-month-old child was asleep in the room at the time.

When the woman woke her partner, Kouth allegedly ran out of the house and hid in the next door neighbour’s garden.

He then allegedly stole the couple’s car and was stopped by police for speeding –he then sped off and slammed into a tree. He was allegedly was caught by police after running into a cyclone wire fence.

Mr Kouth has been charged with 10 offences, including sexual assault and car theft.

The bail application was adjourned until October 3 so a psychological report could be undertaken.


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