Meet The Fifi & Jules Team

Byron Cooke - DJ

Byron Cooke

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Voted International Radio Personality of the Year at the 2012 Worldwide Radio Summit, Byron Cooke is also an exotic dancer at the popular late night venue "Kittens". When he isn't keeping the Fifi and Jules show together, he is hosting Radar Late Nights with Ella Hooper across Australia and racking up the frequent flyer points visiting his son Zephyr in California. This protein packed, music library of a man is a familiar voice to the radio world, having worked on stations in London, Los Angeles and around Australia. His favourite animal is the swan.

Kerri Jones - Executive Producer

Kerri Jones

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Kerri is the glue that keeps the Fifi & Jules team together, she made her radio debut by lying on her resume, but she is yet to put a foot wrong (apart from that one time with a guest we don’t speak about anymore). She makes sure that everything on the Fifi & Jules runs smoothly; Booking big name guests, co-ordinating massive events and typing roughly 3000 emails per day. When she isn’t doing all that she can be found hanging with her gnarly surfer boyfriend, getting her nails done at fancy salons, perving on her hot female yoga instructor and bragging about “that time a Spice Girl emailed her”...

Leon Sjogren - Producer

Leon Sjogren


Leon will be our boss one day. He is young, Swedish and can burp louder than a 1-Ton TNT Bomb. When he isn’t managing a boy band Hiding With Bears, he is busy chasing guests, researching stories, operating the phones and running to get a fruit flan for Fifi. He was conceived by Mr. + Mrs. Sjogren at a Hall + Oates Concert and has fake pecks. He is also single. Ladies, tweet him.

Chris Marsh - Audio Producer

Chris Marsh

Marshy makes stuff sound good in his private audio laboratory. When he isn't checking the latest Apple rumour sites on his iPad or charging his iPhone 5, he is trawling through hours of audio that Jules recorded over the weekend, trying to improve the sound of Fifi singing, making amazing audio packages for the show and hiding microphones in meetings so you can hear everything. He refuses to look at anything non-Retina.

Oscar Gordon - Digital Producer

Oscar Gordon

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Online Oscar is the newest member of the Fifi & Jules team. He is the genius in charge of all of our web stuff, taking photos, shooting and editing videos, basically making sure it all looks awesome (Even if that means putting on a G-String and prancing around alongside Jules and Sophie). When Oscar isn’t ruling the interwebs, he is walking his adorable chocolate Labrador Humphrey (see above) and being ridiculously tall. FUN FACT: Oscar is one of Jules Lund’s cousins, which makes the Blurred Lines parody even creepier.