Hi there, I'm Keegan. You can call me Keegs. If you're on Twitter, you can call me @keegs.
I grew up in Bendigo and started my radio career with my Year 10 work experience - making coffee and answering phones. They eventually let me on-air, I fell in love and have been doing it ever since. I moved west and lived in Perth for a bit, and now I'm right here in Melbourne - hands down, the best city in the world.
I play things. Like hits, guitar, piano, and minecraft.
I've interviewed artists like 5SOS, The Wombats, Icona Pop, Naughty Boy, Timomatic. Niall Horan once told me - "stop ruining my holiday."
When I'm not on the radio you might find me hanging out in a hipster Melbourne cafe drinking a long macchiato.
Follow me on Twitter: @keegs