Posted: 27 October, 2016

Jesinta Campbell's Advice For Victims Of Bullying

"I was bullied heavily for no reason"

2010 Miss Universe Australia winner, Jesinta Campbell has recently added author to her long list of professional credits, releasing her first book 'My Beautiful Life'. In one chapter, Jesinta bares all and opens up about her struggle with bullying.

"So many people have experienced bullying and I just wanted young girls and boys at school to know that no-one is exempt from it." Jesinta explained to Rove and Sam. "There wasn't really anything in particular I was bullied for and that's the funny thing - no-one knows why people choose to do it."

In the chapter, Jesinta explains her struggles with bullying and her new found point of view with how to approach and understand it.

"The thing with bullying is, it's actually not about you it's about the other person and their insecurities!" Jesinta continued.

"Usually they have their own challenges and their own things going on in their life, so they need to bring someone else down to make themself feel better."

Jesinta spent the last year perfecting her book, which is available now in stores.

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