Posted: 4 October, 2016

Sam Frost Experienced The Dreaded Pregnancy Test

"I was like OH GOD NO!"

Over the long weekend, Sam Frost got a little more than she bargained for. 


"I woke up and then all of a sudden, I chundered everywhere!" Sam Frost explained to Rove "It was like a lightbulb moment and then I was like oh god!"

Many women have had that terrifying moment of looking at their calendar, working out the date and then googling all of their symptoms, which all come up with the exact same answer: Pregnant.

"I started racing in my head and i'm thinking, Sydney isn't a good place to raise a baby!" Sam continued "I'm going to have to throw in my job! I need to buy a house! Maybe Sash could be a stay at home dad and I could keep working!"

Then the moment came where Sam bravely took on the pregnancy test... The result? Find out in the full video.

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