Posted: 16 September, 2016

Sam Frost Asks The Questions Every Woman Wants To Ask

"Trust me, I understand more than anyone" Sam

Bachelor Richie and his lady love Alex joined Rove and Sam in the studio following last night's shock finale and Sam Frost asked the honest questions.

Sam had a few questions for Richie, that there's no doubt every woman in the country has wanted to ask him since he revealed his decision.

"Did you think maybe you shouldn't bring Nikki to the finale, knowing how devastated she was going to be?" Sam asked Richie "Did you ever think you should have let her go a little bit earlier to save her from that heart break?"

"You know, those coversations she had with the camera, I'm not privy to" Richie explained "I built a really beautiful relationship with Nikki, but I was definitely falling for Alex. It's a tough situation being The Bachelor and that's just my cross to bare."

"Trust me, I understand more than anyone." Sam told Richie.

But Sam is also quite concerned for Alex's mental well being following the public's reaction to the finale. "Alex, how are you feeling after watching the finale? With everyone so devastated!"

"Australia fell in love with Nikki, how could you not, she's so beautiful!" Alex explained to Sam "But this was Richie's journey and at the end of the day his heart lead him to me and I'm just so thankful for that."

"Though, I really feel for her, I felt everything and I cried with her. I wish her all the happiness, because she deserves that." Alex continued.


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