Posted: 26 October, 2016

Survivor Lee Confirms His Relationship With El

"Has there been any torch snuffing going on?"

Rove and Sam caught up with Survivor Lee, after taking out the runner up position on Australian Survivor and they couldn't help but ask about his rumoured relationship with fellow contestant El.

"Now, you said at the final tribal council that there was nothing going on, what happened?" Rove asked.

"We knew there was a connection and a bond on the island and we were always like let's just wait until we get home." Lee revealed "We wanted to see if things would still be the same when we got home and on that first date, there was."

But Lee got a little bit coy when it came to any further details about their relationship

"Surely there was more than just spooning going on!" Sam joked "Come on, you're male and female!"

"No comment!" Lee responded with a smile.

Check out the full chat in the video.

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