Posted: 8 November, 2016 by Fox

Sorry Melbourne Hayfever Sufferers - Things Are Getting Worse.

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Melbourne - it wasn't just your imagination.

Today was an absolute SHOCKER for hayfever sufferers.

In fact, we are in the midst of some of the worst pollen conditions we've seen in a few years leading to the high level of sneezes and red eyes that Melbourne has whinged about all day:

According to the Melbourne Pollen Forecast - an operation led by the Asthma Foundation Victoria and the University of Melbourne - today reached 'Extreme' pollen levels.

Also, between today and last Friday, we are experiencing the most extreme pollen levels since 2013 - so you're definitely not alone.

The conditions are due to an 'unusually wet winter' combined with winds from the northwest that are bringing grass pollen towards the city.

The pollen forecast sees levels dropping to 'Moderate' for the rest of the week, so while it's still going to suck, hopefully all you hayfever victims will see some relief.

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