Posted: 23 November, 2016 by FoxFM

Melbournians Are The Most Content In The World

Melburnians are officially in LOVE with Melbourne.

Melburnians are officially in LOVE with Melbourne. 


The results of the first ever Time Out Global City Index survey have been released and Melbourne has come in at number two. 

Over 20,000 people, from 18 different cities around the world were polled on the following factors: 

• Dynamism - how vibrant and exciting life there feels.
• Inspiration - whether the city feels like a pleasant or difficult place to live.
• Food & Drink - if the city is somewhere you can eat well (and not too expensively!).
• Community - whether local neighbourhoods were rated highly.
• Sociability - and whether the city felt welcoming or isolating.
• Affordability - whether people could generally get by OK.

Among the 18 cities surveyed, Melbourne came in at number 2 (whoop!) missing out on the top spot to Chicago (and only just!).

Most interestingly - 72 per cent of respondents living in Melbourne said they loved living in Melbourne! 

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