Hilltop Hoods World Famous Rooftop gallery

The Hilltop Hoods and hundreds of lucky fans braved the insane Sydney weather and hit the World Famous Rooftop with an epic gig in Sydney last night.

Okay, so it wasn't exactly on the World Famous Rooftop (we moved indoors so that we didn't get blown away) but the ADL boys still brought the noise.  

The crowd got hyped as Plutonic Lab belted the drums to some epic Requiem For A Dream cutting from DJ Debris. Then BOOM! out rolled Pressure and Suffa launching straight into "Chase That Feeling".

From then on we didn't stop jumping.

Hoods Media Walll WFR

The set covered their enormous career, all the way back to classics like "Nosebleed Section" and "The Hard Road" to tracks from their latest album like "Cosby Sweater" and "Live and Let Go".

Stay tuned for all the videos soon.

The boys new LP Walking Under Stars is available now on iTunes! 

@hilltophoods all up in this bitch. Shooting these fools for work. Still happy as shit to see real heads come up and stay winning. #HilltopHoods Jump like your insurance company isn't watching #hilltophoods #hth #suffa #hittheroof #prayformattsknees Hilltop Hoods