Posted: 14 September, 2016

Richie Reveals How His Chosen Lady Feels Watching The Show

On the eve of The Bachelor Finale, Rove and Sam caught up with the man of the hour about how he's feeling.

There is no denying that there is a strong connection between Richie and the top three ladies, so we had to ask: How does his chosen lady feel watching the show and seeing this connection?

"I haven't asked her to not watch the show" Richie revealed "I'm dating 25 women on National television, at the end of the day she absolutely understands what we're going through."

"She's been so understanding through all of that, which has been sensational!" 

With only one more night to go, is Richie worried he's going to slip up at the last minute?

"You're in Perth at the moment, is everyone like 'WA eh? I get it!'" Rove probed

"Every single person I run into, I get that question" Richie laughed "So I've got myself pretty well trained"

Catch The Bachelor Finale episode tomorrow night on Channel Ten to find out which lady wins Richie's heart.

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